Practical skills for iPhone make you stay away from harassing text messages!

In recent years, the development of smart phones has advanced by leaps and bounds. As a giant in mobile phone industry, iPhone is deeply loved by many users. But do you know all practical skills of iPhone? As a mobile phone that many people love, it is not only the advanced technology of the iPhone that is attractive. And some user-friendly features also attract a lot of loyal fans. With continuous updating of the system, the functions are more and more diversified. Today, let's talk about some neglected practical iPhone skills.

1. Turn off the red dot notification

Now, in the era of information booming, if you don't look at the mobile phone for a while, it will deliver all kinds of information continuously. And it’s pretty annoyed to close it one by one. So how can we turn off those annoying notices and red flags? First, open the settings page and scroll down to see the word notification. Click to enter and you will see much software. At this time, you only need to click in the software that frequently displays reminders, close the notification or the application icon mark. Warm reminder, there are some important or commonly used software in life, try not to close all, or important information may be missed.

2. Screen recording function

Do you think it's troublesome to record some operations on the page or to make a video clip of the picture? You can try the new function [Screen Recording] after iOS11. You can pull up the control center from the bottom. Then click on the small circle at the bottom, and the screenshot will show the countdown of 3 seconds. At this point, you can return to the main page for operation. If you want to turn it off after production, just click on the top and the video will appear in your phone album.

3. Turn off harassing text messages

As the improper storage of user's own information, which leads to leakage. A variety of messy advertising information have appeared in users’ iPhone, which makes users headache. And after many participants tested, this method is really effective. First of all, open the settings interface, click and then slide down to find the information column. After entering, find the IMessage information in the first line and close it. If you are not sure, you can also turn off the function of sending and receiving MMS.

4. Turn the iPhone screen dimmer

For heavy mobile phone users, turning on the night mode will make their eyes more comfortable when operating at night. Unfortunately, iPhone has not yet introduced this feature. But when using mobile phones at night, we can choose to keep the brightness of the screen to a minimum. If you still feel dazzling, you can turn on the zoom function to further reduce the brightness of the screen. The operation method is "Settings - General - Auxiliary Functions - Zoom - Zoom Area - Full Screen Zoom - Zoom Filter - Dim Light - Turn on zoom".

Are the four practical skills of iPhone listed above very convenient? When we buy iPhone, we don't notice its instructions, so we probably only use the most basic functions. Many of these thoughtful designs are not used. Although there are some iPhone users who only support upgrading to iOS 12 systems, it still makes it easier for you to use iPhone. After you learn it, go and have a try.

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