The New Function of iPhone 12 Protect the Rights and Interests of Consumers!

At 1: 00 a.m. on October 14, 2020, the Apple company released iPhone 12. The topic of new function of the iPhone 12 attracted much attention. As a new product, the iPhone12 has added many new features, of which this new function surprises us. iFixit is a well-known dismantling website in the United States. After the release of the iPhone12, iFixit released a dismantling report. This report showed that it would be difficult for third-party companies to repair the iPhone12.

According to the dismantling report, iFixit did such an experiment. They exchanged the cameras between the two iPhone12. As a result, after turning on the camera, they found that the camera could not work as usual. Later, they exchanged the motherboards of the two iPhone12. And there was a situation that they could not start up. If they wanted to start up, they could only plug in the power cord. But after they plugged in the power and started up the phone, it would display the wrong program. If you changed the mobile phone screen, the mobile phone screen would prompt that it was not the original screen.

The restrictions on camera and main board of iPhone should be the first move of iPhone officials. The restrictions released after warning about third-party screen and battery maintenance. It may only be the beginning. In August 2019, the iPhone decided to train more technicians to participate in the maintenance of iPhone products. We can consider this action as a new maintenance plan for the iPhone. Of course, iPhone officials are strict with the examination and various requirements of these repair shops. Apple company has authorized the other repair shops. And these shops can obtain the original parts of iPhone.

Such an approach has two advantages. On the one hand, when can pay attention to the point when the iPhone have the certification. More third-party repair shops will appear to provide professional and guaranteed repair services. This is good for more iPhone product users. On the other hand, the official certification will be more conducive to iPhone users. It will help them to find reliable professional repair shops in a short time. The user can obtain more guaranteed repair services. They can improve iPhone after-sales service.

The maintenance plan of iPhone is the first step. It will train more Apple-certified professional and technical personnel. At the same time, the number of certified maintenance shops will increase. It will bring convenience to iPhone users in remote areas. The second step is to restrict the core components of iPhone12 and other products. It will guide iPhone users to go to certified repair shops for repair services. Have you found that this has formed a perfect closed loop? It has solved the problems of iPhone users, third-party repair shops and Apple's official website. This is a beneficial act of the three parties for mutual benefits.

This new feature of iPhone 12 is not only an official innovation of iPhone. But it maintains the order of iPhone second-hand market. We will crack down on some illegal repair shops, shoddy and harmful behaviors of consumers. For ordinary consumers, the new restrictions on the iPhone12 may lead to some increase in maintenance cost. But on the bright side, it can reduce the chances of you buying old parts to assemble the iPhone12. This act will make the phone safer and safer, which is a good thing.

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