HUAWEI Mobile Phone Function Introduction Skills

As a giant in China's mobile phone industry, HUAWEI has a lot of cost-effective products. At the same time, it has a very good user experience and high product quality. And it has won the trust and support of many users. But some of HUAWEI's intimate tips are not known to everyone. Here are some tips on HUAWEI's mobile phone function. In fact, sometimes you will find that this function can actually help a lot after you use it.

1. Screenshot

Many friends like browsing on social media, and sometimes see nice long pictures or classic long articles. What do you do if you want to keep it intact? HUAWEI mobile phone provides the function of scrolling screenshot. And there are two ways to do it at the same time. Knuckle painting [S] Scroll screenshot: first of all, you need to turn on the intelligent screenshot function. Operation method: [settings]-[Intelligent assist]. [Gesture Control]-[Intelligent Screenshot]. Open the location where you want to take a screenshot after opening it. If you draw S with your knuckles on the screen, you can scroll through the screenshot.

Top drop-down menu screenshot: First open the location where you want to capture the screenshot. Then drop down the menu from the top, click "Screenshot" for a moment. Last display the screenshot preview in the lower left corner. In this way, scrolling screenshots can also be realized.

2. One-handed mode

Nowadays, the screens of mobile phones are basically more than 6 inches. So it is difficult to operate with one hand. However, HUAWEI mobile phone is very sweet to launch a one-handed mode function. Then you can control a large-screen phone with one hand.

First turn on the one-handed mode. Operation method: [Settings]-[Intelligent Assistance]-[One-Handed Mode]. Slide from the lower left right corner of the screen to the middle can shrink the screen. When you want to exit, just click on the area off the screen.

3. Application the lock

Generally speaking, our mobile phones will install the APP of commonly used banks. So it is easy to check the account balance and transfer money. Sometimes children may play with their mobile phones or lend them to others temporarily. Then these financial APP are likely to be opened at will.

The role is you must verify your fingerprint or enter a password if you want to open it. So as to prevent the APP from being opened at will.
Operation method: [Settings]- [Security and Privacy] -[Application Lock]- [Associated Fingerprint]- [Open Application Lock]

4. Covert help

There are still some security risks when going out. Such as the safety accident of taking a taxi on a certain platform before. Our phones have a hidden help function. Just press the power button five times. And you'll automatically send help messages to emergency contacts. Through this hidden way, we can send out a distress signal at the first time.
Operation method: [Settings] -[Security and Privacy] -[SOS Emergency Help] -[Set Emergency Contact]- [Enable Automatic Sending of Help Information].

5. Password safe

Now a variety of Internet products are blooming everywhere. Such as various forums, social platforms, question and answer platforms. And each platform needs to set account password. It is recommended to set different passwords for each platform. But how to remember too many account passwords? At this time, the password safe will be useful. You can save all these accounts and passwords to the password safe. And it will be filled in automatically when you need to enter the account password. At the same time, account information is only saved in the local mobile phone. And it will not be uploaded to the network or server. So there is no need to worry about security issues.
Operation method: [Settings] -[Security and Privacy] -[Password Safe]

The above is the introduction skills of HUAWEI mobile phone functions. I didn't think there were so many intimate designs after use. In fact, there are more small skills for us to use. It also brings great convenience to our life. Now HUAWEI mobile phone has occupied most people's lives. As our daily necessities, the more functions it has the better they can be used to meet our needs. If you haven't started using it yet, try it!

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