How does HUAWEI's Mobile Phone Locate and Track, to Know the Location of Family Members?

The global market for HUAWEI is getting bigger and bigger. Many people say that HUAWEI's mobile phones are expensive. Do you know where they are? HUAWEI mobile phones have always been the main function. More and more mobile phone functions will bring a lot of convenience to our life and will be loved by more people. HUAWEI has grasped this point and has taken the function as its development direction. HUAWEI's mobile phone actually has a positioning function, so how does it locate and track?

Many HUAWEI users should be the same. Although they have been using HUAWEI mobile phones for many years, they have not understood the functions of it. Let's take a look at how effective the positioning function of HUAWEI's mobile phone is.

First, let's talk about its function. This function can locate the address of the mobile phone at any time. And it is a function of the mobile phone system. It is not troublesome to turn on this function. First, turn on HUAWEI's positioning function, then turn on the settings to find a "Find My Mobile Phone" option. Click on it and two more options will appear. Turn on both options, thus completing the settings on the mobile phone.

Open HUAWEI terminal cloud space on the computer, and the steps are basically the same as those on the mobile phone. Just turn on the "Find My Mobile Phone" option to display the map directly, and click the corresponding button to select the information you want. It can display the location of this mobile phone in real time. It seems that this function is not complicated, but its function is very important.

It is more suitable for families with old people or children. After all, children and the elderly are relatively weak in mobility. Knowing the whereabouts of the child can make the family feel more at ease. And this function is not necessary when the child is older. There is also the situation of waiting for people, don't need to make frequent phone calls to urge. Just need to turn on the computer to have a look.

In general, how HUAWEI's mobile phone locates and tracks is very practical. Moreover, this function is not only available in HUAWEI mobile phones, but also in many other mobile phones. Such as iPhone, and the operation methods are similar. It's just that the options are in different places. Like VIVO's mobile phone, this positioning function can be seen in the security and privacy of the mobile phone. But it still reminds everyone that when using this function, must obtain the consent of others. After all, it involves the privacy of others.

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