HUAWEI's Four Hidden Functions of Mobile Phones are Really Convenient!

There are many people using HUAWEI mobile phones. But not many people may know the four hidden functions of it. In recent years, HUAWEI has developed very fast and has gained numerous of loyal users. Then there must be a reason why so many people like it. The configuration of each mobile phone is good in all aspects. Based on the large number of mobile phone users using this brand, let's share with you the four hidden functions of HUAWEI's mobile phones today.

First, screen capture and recording. Other phones such as iPhone need to press the shutdown key and the volume key at the same time when capturing the screen. Sometimes the mobile phone is slow to respond and cannot intercept the screen, which is very irritable. Besides, most of the recording screens have the upper page to slide down and click, which is not so convenient. However, for HUAWEI's recording screen, you only need one knuckle to tap the screen twice.

Second, the click translation. Most APP on the market now charge a fee. The same is true for translation software. If you want to translate some professional terms, the low-level APP cannot translate them, and the high-level APP requires money. This translation by HUAWEI easily solves this problem. It covers many languages. It can translate pictures, documents and phrases, bringing convenience to many HUAWEI users.

Third, picture scanning. I don't know if you have encountered such difficulties. That is, a picture is full of words, which happens to be the words you need. However, it is too hard to type down word by word according to the picture. HUAWEI users can use HUAWEI's own text scanning function. Then recognize it and turn it into document text, transforming paper text into electronic documents. It not only increases efficiency but also protects the environment.

Fourth, phonetic shorthand. Simply put, it can record the voice and become the words we need. This can be used in a wide range. For example, during a meeting, as long as we open the memo in HUAWEI's mobile phone, we can directly achieve the goal of shorthand. Moreover, we can use it in our study. For example, when we need to use an article from a book on our mobile phone, the dumbest way is to type it word by word. However, with this function, we can directly record the content of the article and translate it into text for use.

These are the four hidden functions of HUAWEI's mobile phones. HUAWEI's mobile phones include the low-end mobile phone market in high schools and have been recognized by most people. In fact, apart from HUAWEI, there are still many mobile phones with some hidden small functions. But we all need to find out, once you use it, you will find it really useful. In fact, HUAWEI mobile phones now occupy most people's lives. As our daily necessities, the more functions and the better they have can meet our needs. Do you know the four hidden functions of HUAWEI mobile phones? And which other small functions have you found that others don't know?

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