How to Get the Perfect Cell Phone for Travelling Abroad

Traveling abroad for tourism or business is common for us. In general, our cell phones can be used everywhere, but proper preparation is necessary to improve our traveling experience. In addition, when we are traveling overseas, we won’t get support as easily as we are at home. Thus, it is important to make sure our cell phone is perfectly functional and well-charged. In this article, we will talk about some cell phone features that will be helpful for overseas use. 

4 Essential Cell Phone Features for Overseas Use 

1. Battery and Charger

When we are traveling abroad, we usually spend most of our daily time outside, rather than staying in a hotel. Therefore, the sustainability of our cell phone battery is significant. For example, when you use a cell phone that contains a 4000 mAh battery, your usage time will be at least 10% lower than a cell phone with a 5000 mAh battery size. A smaller battery also means you have to charge your phone more frequently, which may not be that easy when traveling overseas. Besides, the charging speed matters as well. Many portable chargers, or power banks, have cables that allow you to charge freely. Also, you may need to consider a fast charger if your cell phone supports it, which will save you plenty of time. 

2. Camera

Taking photos is one of our main targets when traveling. Accordingly, a cell phone with professional cameras will be your best choice. It is fun that the number of tourists using a traditional camera dropped surprisingly as many of them use their cell phones. Thanks to the upgrade in hardware, taking good photos can now be achieved by cell phone users. For example, HONOR 90 Lite can record the best view for you by using its 100MP ultra camera. More than just a simple camera, there are also apps available for you to edit your photos immediately. Thus, using a cell phone camera is reliable and convenient for overseas traveling. 

3. Storage

If you never transfer your cell phone photos and other documents to a hard drive or upload them on a cloud drive, you should do it right now. Taking photos or downloading new apps is necessary when you are traveling oversea, and these will occupy a certain space of your cell phone. Having sufficient storage space is significant, as your cell phone will slow down or stop working after no space left. When you receive warnings about low storage space, it’s time to change your phone.

4. Processor 

Your cell phone processor determines the responding time and running speed. Overall, your cell phone performance regarding multi-tasking and camera is closely related to the processor. If you don’t want your cell phone to stay there loading for minutes just because you switch between different apps and functions, choose a cell phone with a good processor, such as Snapdragon 800 or Exynos 7420, which will be helpful for overseas use.



In conclusion, keeping a stable power supply is essential for using a cell phone overseas. It is recommended to choose a cell phone with a bigger battery size and carry a fast charger in case. In addition, an excellent cell phone camera is significant for taking photos when traveling abroad. Furthermore, make sure you keep proper storage space for new apps and functions, and a powerful processor is necessary for saving time during usage. 


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