How To Set the Access Control Card on Samsung Mobile Phone, You Only Need a Mobile Phone To Go Out in the Future!

As a star application in Samsung mobile phones, Samsung Pay has gained a large number of loyal users, because of virtue of fast payment and convenient travel services. Recently, Samsung Pay function has launched the smart door card column, which broadens the life application scenarios of Samsung Pay, and allows Samsung consumers to experience a more convenient lifestyle. Users of Samsung Galaxy Note10 series, Galaxy S10 series and some Samsung models can already experience it first. Today I discuss with you how to set the access card.

Adding the smart door card function in Samsung Pay, that means users can back up the access card or door key through Samsung Pay. At the same time, combined with the fast payment and convenient travel services that Samsung Pay already has, a mobile phone travels all over the world, and no wallet card package is required.

Would it be difficult to add a door card? Users only need to open Samsung Pay, find the "smart card" button on the homepage, and click the "+" sign above to enter the adding process. Select "terms and conditions", input the Samsung account password to verify the identity, and then put the door ban card or door key close to the back of the phone, so as to complete the copy and backup. It is very convenient to use the name of the door card. If this card is not needed, click "delete smart door card" directly in the smart door card interface. Verify the fingerprint or password and delete it successfully.

After successful addition, the user can start the card list by sliding his finger from the bottom to the top of the screen, no matter in the mobile phone "black screen", "lock screen" or "home screen" state. Select the door card you need to use. After the password or fingerprint verification is passed, you can open the door by placing your mobile phone close to the card reader. Obviously, in the use of smart gate card security, Samsung will also through the password and fingerprint verification, the basic security precautions. If your mobile phone is lost, lawbreakers can't operate your privacy information.

However, users need to pay attention to the following points when using the card function: 1. Samsung pay only supports the gate card with the frequency of 13.56MHz, which isn’t encrypted and compatible with NFC chip in the market. 2. Some savings cards and bus cards with door card functions cannot be copied. Even if the copy is successful, these cards don’t have the functions. 3. Due to the different card reading rules of the card reader, you may have completed the copy but still cannot swipe the card normally.

After the above explanation, do you know how to set the access control card? Samsung has always been committed to using its own superior technology to enhance the daily experience of consumers. I believe that with the further improvement of Samsung pay function, Samsung will bring greater convenience to life in the future. In today's electronic age, it has become normal to travel around the world with a mobile phone. The bus card and access control card are stored in the mobile phone, which undoubtedly brings great convenience to users. You should set it quickly!

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