5 Tips To Help You Find A Good Phone

Today it's hard to imagine our lives without mobile phones, which we use every day to share information, edit documents and watch videos. At the same time, there are more and more mobile phones of different brands on the market. Buying a mobile phone, we will inevitably face difficulties, like which smartphones to choose, how to find a good phone? Come on, 5 tips for you!


When buying a mobile phone, the screen of the mobile phone is also a factor that cannot be ignored. Especially for touchscreen phones. While choosing a screen we need to consider the following factors like diagonal, resolution, IPS, etc. A phone's diagonal should be at least 5.5 inches. Otherwise, it will be very inconvenient for us to browse messages. If you often use your mobile phone for reading e-books or playing games, it is advisable to buy a larger mobile phone, for example a 7-inch or 8-inch mobile phone.


As for resolution, it is best to look at Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels or HD 1280 x 720 pixels - these are great for reading, watching videos, playing games and more. A lower resolution screen may cause discomfort, even if the screen is 5 inches or larger.

Operating system

There are now two main systems on the market, Android and iOS, which is the first thing to consider when buying a mobile phone: Android or iOS. These two operating systems have their advantages and disadvantages. In general, the quality of mobile phones with the iOS system will be higher, but it also costs more.


With the Android operating system, you can choose from a large number of devices from different manufacturers, which have different features and offer a wide price range from the cheapest phones to the most expensive ones. But among the different brands of mobile phones, I suggest you buy a Xiaomi or Huawei phone. Xiaomi and Huawei mobile phones have high value for money and are very suitable for children, senior citizens or office workers.


The processor can be called the heart of the phone. Modern Android phones usually have between 6 and 8 cores. When it comes to Android phones, the most popular processor manufacturer is Qualcomm, with Snapdragon processors leading the way.


Apple has their own very powerful and optimised processors designed specifically for the iphone, which are denoted by the letter A and a number, such as the Apple A13. We have to choose according to our actual needs.


There are two types of memory in any smartphone: the main memory determines how many applications you can open at once and how smoothly the phone runs. Main is responsible for saving downloaded videos, pictures, etc. It is better not to consider a phone with less than 4GB "RAM", otherwise you will only be able to make calls, receive calls and communicate by SMS. So it is worth looking at a phone with 4GB or more of "RAM".


As for main memory, the more the better, such as 128GB and 256GB. Or ask if you can add a card to the phone to increase the memory, otherwise the main memory will not be enough when taking a lot of photos, downloading music or videos, etc.


If you're looking for a budget phone, and you rarely use your phone and always have an outlet handy, a 2000 mAh or higher battery is a good option.


But users who are active all day on social media should buy phones with high capacity batteries, such as 4000-6000 mAh. Because you don't have the ability to charge your device often. Such battery capacity is sufficient for 24 hours in most cases, of course, it also depends on the intensity of use. As for battery life, I really like the huawei p50pro, although the p50 pro is a bit more expensive.


When we choose a mobile phone, all these factors mentioned above have to be considered. I hope this article helps you to choose a good mobile phone.


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