Why do you need a 5G smartphone?

Although 5G technology is compatible with many connected devices, the main beneficiaries of this mobile network are still smartphones. 5G network compatibility has become standard for all high-end smartphones. In this article, you will discover the main benefits of using a 5G-enabled smartphone.


What is 5G?

The 5G network is gradually being rolled out around the world. This mobile network made its debut in the United States, South Korea, China and the United Kingdom and has recently started to be deployed in all major cities and towns in France. In fact, the main French telephone operators (SFR, Free, Orange, Bouygues Telecom) are all offering 5G tariffs, and are continuing to roll out their 5G network coverage.

To fully understand the importance of this technology, let's first go back to the definition of 5G. First of all, 5G or 5G NR (New Radio) refers to the new mobile network that succeeds 4G. Heralded as the network of the future, it is the fifth generation of wireless connection system.

Although 5G uses similar technology to 4G, its main difference is the use of new frequency bands divided into two distinct categories: 5G Sub-6 and millimetre wave frequency bands. It offers improved connectivity and automation opportunities to users.

To enjoy the many benefits of ultra-high-speed technology, you can now opt for a 5G-enabled smartphone, such as the honor magic 4 lite.


What are the main benefits of using a 5G smartphone?

First of all, a 5G smartphone guarantees you an optimised experience thanks to a better internet speed compared to a 4G smartphone connected to the same antenna and frequency. 5G technology actually allows up to 10 GB per second, compared to 40 MB per second for 4G. Thus, 5G's receive rate can theoretically reach 1 Gb per second, and the transmit rate can be estimated at 500 Mb per second. In addition, the high frequency bands dedicated to the 5G network also allow you to obtain a more stable connection, with less signal interference. More concretely, 5G-enabled smartphones allow you to browse faster and smoother on your mobile. 5G smartphones are particularly good at transferring, downloading or sending large files over the internet.


5G also significantly reduces latency, which is the time between the initiation of a command and the actual execution of the action. This means that you benefit from greater responsiveness to your requests. The latency time is reduced from 10 ms on a 4G network to 1 millisecond for the 5G network. This means that 5G smartphones offer you many opportunities. Thanks to its improved responsiveness, various technologies are now directly accessible on your 5G smartphone. These include cloud gaming and the use of virtual reality headsets. Furthermore, using a 5G-enabled smartphone allows you to stream high-definition videos (4K and 8K) on Netflix or Youtube.


Finally, among the advantages of ultra high-speed we can also mention the possibility of connecting your different devices together. 5G technology can support more than one million connected objects per square metre. A 5G-enabled smartphone can be easily connected with many other objects such as your robots, your autonomous car, your house, etc.  In this way, you can manage and remote control all your other connected objects through your 5G smartphone.

To conclude, it can be said that there are only advantages to using 5G, and in the digital age we live in, you can only embrace this technology, if you want to keep up with the pace.


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