The Hidden Function of iPhone, SOS Emergency Contact, which Can Save Your Life at Critical Moments!

Some time ago, an Australian woman sent such a message on a social networking site. She said, "The hidden function of iPhone can save your life at a critical moment!" The woman was shopping in the shopping mall at that time. And she met a customer who was in urgent need of medical assistance. After the accident, her first reaction was to call the customer's family. She discovered a function that can unlock the phone without password or facial scanning. The "SOS Emergency Contact" function of iPhone.

"SOS Emergency Contact" can dial rescue calls and remind emergency contacts in a short time. When you want to make a call through SOS Emergency Contact, the iPhone will choose to dial the local emergency number. Such as police, ambulances, fire alarms. In different countries and regions, the services you choose will be different.

How to Add Emergency Contacts to iPhone

Open the "Health" App on your iPhone. Click on the personal avatar to enter the personal homepage. Click “Medical First Aid Card” and click "Edit". Then drop down to "Emergency Contacts" and click the "Add" button. Complete the editing of relevant information of emergency contacts, and click “Finish”at last. In this way, you can add the emergency contacts.

You open the "SOS Emergency Contact" function. The iPhone will contact the set emergency contact person in the form of a short message. And it will send your current location information to your emergency contact. For a long time after entering SOS mode, iPhone will operate. It wil send information to your emergency contact in real time as your location moves. Of course, if you touch the “SOS Emergency Contact” function by accident, don't worry about it. You can cancel the "SMS Notification" function by yourself.

In the column of "medical first aid card", the important item is not only the emergency contact person. The medical first aid card contains some basic information. For example, your allergic reaction and medical condition. You are unconscious and in an emergency. The emergency personnel will be able to get these important information from the mobile phone screen without unlocking. It has brought great help to first aid.

How to set up a medical first aid card?

In the "Health" App, click the "Summary" tab. Click on the personal avatar in the upper right corner to enter the personal information homepage. Under "Medical Details", click "Medical First Aid Card" and click "Edit" in the upper right corner.

You should pay attention to the "Show on Lock" button. You must turn on the button. Only in this way can the medical first aid card work when the iPhone is locked. These important information can send to the first aid personnel in case of crisis. You’d better turn on the sharing during Emergency Calls is also. You can make a phone call or send a text message to the emergency service on the iPhone. Your medical first aid card will share with the emergency service. In this way, emergency workers can get some basic information such as your medical condition. Such as allergy, blood type, etc. It will bring great help in the first aid process.

How do I call emergency services?

Take the iPhone 8 or newer models as an example. The specific calling method is as follows. Press and hold the side button and any volume button at the same time until the “SOS Emergency Contact”slider appears. Drag the SOS Emergency Contact slider to trigger a call to the Emergency Service. Some emergency patients are inconvenient to move and cannot drag the slider. They can hold down the side button and volume button. At this time, the system will start the countdown and sound a tone. If you touch it by mistake, the prompt tone will attract attention. And you can cancel it in time. If not, press the button until the countdown is over. Then the iPhone will start the emergency service.

You open the emergency service. Then the iPhone will send the distress message containing your location information to your emergency contact as following. You can cancel it in the process. Your iPhone did not turn on the GPS at that time. The iPhone will turn on the GPS to ensure the accuracy of your location information.

When the woman shares the hidden function of the iPhone, many people set it up on their phones. And said that in times of crisis, this is a survival tool. Everyone should fill in this information, such as sudden illness, or car accident, etc. An inconspicuous iPhone hiding function will facilitate emergency personnel to carry out rescue according to your physical condition. It will bring great help to your first aid. Please take out your mobile phone and set it up.

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